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Adding and Changing DNS Records

Hosting Spaces > Domains

Select domain you wish to make changes to
Under DNS, select the Edit DNS zone records link
If DNS is not enabled for your domain, you may enable it here.
For your domain to begin using these DNS records, it must be pointed to the following nameservers:


To edit a record: click the pencil icon on the left of the record details.
To delete a record: click the X icon on the right of the record details.

To add a new record, click the Add record button on the top of the list. Enter in the details you require, then click the Save button to confirm.


In order to display a website, your domain needs an A record with a blank name, as well as one for WWW.
To receive mail, your domain needs at least one MX record. If MX record point to mail.your-domain.com, you must have an A record for MAIL.

If you are unfamiliar with DNS, we suggest you do not make changes to these settings.
Get Started does not keep a record of current DNS records, apart from those on the server - this means that if you accidentally change a record without noting the old details, you may loose functionality on your domain.

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